Obama’s 53 Percent Approval Rating Does Massive Drop To 43 Percent


By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | Politico | 3/12/13 1:48 PM EDT  

President Obama’s outreach to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle comes as his approval ratings have begun to drop in public polls.

The latest is the McClatchy-Marist poll released Tuesday, which reports an approval rating of 45 percent for the president among registered voters. That’s the lowest it’s been in the poll since late 2011. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, has inched up to 48 percent, four points higher than it was in December.

His ratings have slipped among independents, with 37 percent approving and 55 percent disapproving. In December, 46 percent of independents approved of Obama’s job performance while 44 percent disapproved.

But it’s still Republicans who are taking more of the blame for letting sequestration take effect. The McClatchy-Marist poll finds 46 percent of those surveyed blaming Republicans, while 36 percent blame the president. Another 12 percent say both sides are to blame.

Obama’s approval rating has been inching downward in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, from hovering above 50 percent to just below that threshhold in the past few days.

His approval rating clocked in at 45 percent in a Quinnipiac poll released earlier this month, down from 53 percent a few weeks after voters reelected him.


Source: Politico


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Model Jen Macloud Slams Ann Coulter For Inappropriate Remarks Towards Libertarians On Stossel


Neo-Conservative war hawk Ann Coulter is under fire again after upcoming model/speaker Jen Macloud decided to take aim on her remarks that shocked over 1,000+ libertarian students on John Stossel’s show last month on Fox Business.

Jen Macloud:

“The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. What can I say about Ann Coulter that has not already been said by many a Libertarian? When I see this interview between her and John Stossel I recognize that she is an educated, strong, and consistent woman. I also see her ignorance, her contemptuous attitude toward Libertarians, and her stubbornness is like that of a toddler. Her stance on things like gay marriage and pot legalization are generic and narrow minded and not at all surprising. I don’t fault her for standing by her convictions on these issues even if they are different than mine. Her tactic of condescension and mocking, however, reminds me of what a poor debater (or a disinformation list) does when losing an argument. For example: she resorts to sidetracking opponents with name calling and ridicule and tries to emotionalize, antagonize, and goad opponents into an irrational response that would make their argument seem less credible to others. “First of all, for alleged individualists, you’re very mob-like,” Coulter snarked. “Libertarians and pot,” Coulter said with a dismissive laugh. “This is why people think Libertarians are p*ssies.” And of course she is full of fallacies. The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. When discussing the legalization of all drugs and prostitution based on the belief that what one does and puts into their body is not the business of the government or anyone else as long as no one else or their liberties are harmed, Coulter immediately complains about Libertarians being suck ups to Liberals on the issue of pot and completely defers from discussing the other aspects of the question. She recognizes that it’s much easier to shoot down the idea of pot legalization than it is to debate the issue of having the freedom to own your body. She does make a sound point about her having to essentially pay for the negative consequences of said drug use since we are in a welfare society; but she fails to realize that being a welfare society isn’t set in stone and all great change must first come from a great idea. Like my grandfather once said to me about being homosexual: “If I understood it, I’d be it.” Ann can never understand why Libertarians are the way they are, therefore she can never share their mindset. I find it to be a waste of time to try to convince someone with this level of hardheadedness to turn to the dark side; even if we do have cookies. And they are delicious.


Those who are unaware of what actually happened during that heated debates here’s a breakdown published by djgabrielpresents on Feb 21, 2013.

Once a year, Stossel tapes a show at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. He typically brings on friendly libertarian guests, like presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Reason magazine star Nick Gillespie, Cato Institute VP David Boaz, or up-and-coming Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI).

But just to show that the 1,400+ students are not beholden to either major political party, a liberal and a conservative will also join the show and mix things up. This year, Coulter was that conservative. And boy, did things get heated.

The initial conversation between Stossel and Coulter began as a light squabble over whether the War in Iraq was truly justified. The war was certainly worth the cost because Saddam Hussein was “definitely looking for uranium from Niger,” she said. Her remarks were met with tepid boos and confusion, but the room was mostly pleasant at that point.

But when the subject turned the the legalizing drugs, things quickly became tense. “Libertarians and pot,” Coulter said with a dismissive laugh. “This is why people think libertarians are pussies,” she said. “We’re living in a country that is 70-percent socialist, the government takes 60 percent of your money. They are taking care of your health care, of your pensions. They’re telling you who you can hire, what the regulations will be. And you want to suck up to your little liberal friends and say, ‘Oh, but we want to legalize pot.’ You know, if you’re a little more manly you would tell them what your position on employment discrimination is. How about that? But it’s always ‘We want to legalize pot.'”
Stossel then asked: “Why can’t gays get married?”

“Well, they can,” Coulter replied. “They have to marry a member of the opposite sex.” The room filled with boos.

“This is another one where you’re just sucking up to liberals when there are big fights,” Coulter explained.

“No, we believe the individual should be left alone,” Stossel shot back.

“Marriage is the most important institution to civilize young people. I make divorce a lot more difficult,” she said. “Liberals want to destroy the family,” she continued, eliciting jeers and mocking laughter from the students.

“How is it any of your business what I choose to put in my body if I’m not affecting anyone else?” one student asked during the Q&A, prompting the students to give a standing ovation.

“First of all, for alleged individualists, you’re very mob-like,” Coulter snarked. “Second of all, it is my business because we are living in a welfare state … Right now, I have to pay for, it turns out, coming down the pike, your health care. I have to pay for your unemployment when you can’t hold a job. I have to pay for your food, for your housing. Yeah, it’s my business!”

Stossel and the student eventually got Coulter to concede that if the welfare state were rolled back, she’d maybe consider legalizing marijuana.

Later on, a recently-divorced student asked Coulter why she wants to “make divorce more difficult” when it is already an incredibly cumbersome and taxing process. The conservative author’s response provoked more booing: “When you buy a refrigerator, to break a contract to return your refrigerator, is more difficult in most states than to break a marriage contract.”

One student, off-camera, shouted: “They’re human beings!” The crowd applauded.

After the segment wrapped, Coulter smiled and the crowd gave respectful applause. Seeing as how Coulter is a well-known good sport about engaging hostile environments, it’s no surprise she was game for the whole experience.

But on her “libertarians are pussies” point, since neither Stossel nor the students had the opportunity to fully respond, let me give it a brief whack: The economy may be more important than the the war on drugs or gay rights, but that’s a subjective valuation. Either way, libertarians care so much about those social issues not only because the former is rife with injustice, wastefulness, and abuse, but because they serve as a litmus test of sorts, separating those who are serious about limited government from those who pick and choose when they want to be skeptical of government power.

If you truly care about personal responsibility, limited government, and freedom of choice, then you should oppose government involvement in your personal life as much as in your economic life.

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