Obama’s 53 Percent Approval Rating Does Massive Drop To 43 Percent


By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | Politico | 3/12/13 1:48 PM EDT  

President Obama’s outreach to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle comes as his approval ratings have begun to drop in public polls.

The latest is the McClatchy-Marist poll released Tuesday, which reports an approval rating of 45 percent for the president among registered voters. That’s the lowest it’s been in the poll since late 2011. His disapproval rating, meanwhile, has inched up to 48 percent, four points higher than it was in December.

His ratings have slipped among independents, with 37 percent approving and 55 percent disapproving. In December, 46 percent of independents approved of Obama’s job performance while 44 percent disapproved.

But it’s still Republicans who are taking more of the blame for letting sequestration take effect. The McClatchy-Marist poll finds 46 percent of those surveyed blaming Republicans, while 36 percent blame the president. Another 12 percent say both sides are to blame.

Obama’s approval rating has been inching downward in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, from hovering above 50 percent to just below that threshhold in the past few days.

His approval rating clocked in at 45 percent in a Quinnipiac poll released earlier this month, down from 53 percent a few weeks after voters reelected him.


Source: Politico