Join The United Resistance!

Information Coming Soon!




  2. Where the heck is the mailgram??? I NEED TO GET THIS DONE AND SPREAD THE WORD…… IT’S ALREADY 11-8-12!!!!

  3. >> r3VOLution time

  4. cant we do what other countrys that owe the banks opt out

  5. I would also like to point out that the world has been in awe of the United States for a long time. When England needed an attack dog to save their behinds in 1941 they called on the U.S. because we were ready and able to bring destruction to their enemies — Action, not mamby pamby cow towing to Hitler. We were and still are a nation of HUNTERS. We know how to use weapons to kill bad guys. Tyrants need to and DO FEAR the USA. Ask good ole Piers if he would rather be speaking German or even eventually Russian. Maybe he prefers Chinese or Arabic. Now put that in ur pipe and smoke it Limey.

  6. Impeach Obama for treason against the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, 2A and for going against the people. Once he swore on the bible and on promised to uphold the Constitution on his inauguration, it was immediately Treason.

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