Barack Obama & George W. Bush Closer Then We All Think? Take A Look At This Bloodline!

Barack Obama & George W. Bush Closer Then We All Think? Take A Look At This Bloodline!


Is Prince Vega Reportedly Stepping Away From Politics?


It’s being said by numerous sources the descendent of Prince Alba might be deciding to redirect his energy in a totally different direction that does not include politics! The 8,395th day Luna razboinic of the Ingeri Column has not only woke thousands up to the liberty message, but has also thrown the most devastating blow that crippled the New Black Panther Party. Everyone must remember a total of 76 house rulers was in favor of Prince Vega’s actions in endorsing a presidential candidate against 74 under the Cuzet chamber including appointed chairman Jerel A. Daniel who was designated by the M-Becca’s third column. Prince Vega is still keeping silent on the situation, but is expected to publicly speak on the issue soon!

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Prince Vega Claims Barack Obama Is Related To George W. Bush!


Prince Vega finally weighed in his thoughts after being pressured to speak on the royal family Vega claims has been involved with America since the very beginning.

“Barack Obama Is 11th Cousins With George W. Bush And 8th Cousins With Dick Cheney,”Vega Explained.” What’s so outlandish about this is George W. Bush’s 8th Grandfather Married Pocahontas Granddaughter, so you see why they sold her image as a legend. John Kerry Is 9th cousins with Bush who’s Vlad Dracula’s cousin 32 generations removed. What should interest people more is how Madonna is distant cousins with Camilla Parker Bowles who’s related to Princess Diana of Wales by marriage, and still Diana is 11th cousins with George W. Bush. It’s clear political authority given to the British Royal Family Of England, and it’s been like that since Abraham Lincoln who’s 7th cousins, with Bush which means they all are related to Barack Obama.”

Prince Vega has been very active since his return and has decided to release a new single very soon!


Breaking News: Colorado Fire Forces 30,000 To Flee From Homes!

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed by an out-of-control wildfire that has forced over 30,000 people to flee! The fire is currently being investigated by the FBI to find out the cause of this gigantic blaze that has reportedly roared 29-square-miles (75-square-kilometer). The elite puppet President Obama is expecting to tour fire-stricken areas of Colorado on Friday! We will keep you updated.


Ron Paul Rocks The Floor On Syria!

M-Becca Access: Model Jenny Von Rose Admits She Love Ron Paul!

Image Taking a step back from the modern day world, and into the pass when u first engaged into a mutual kinship(relationship) with your first boyfriend..If you could see yourself in his shoes how would you ask Jenny out?


Jenny: Hmm, I think I would have been a little more confident about it. My first boyfriend as shy, and we kind mutually decided we were now dating. If I were him asking me out I’d do it with fierceness and passion. As weird as it sound how would you approach yourself?


Jenny: Well I was always told I was “Intimidating” and that is why no one ever wanted to try approaching or making friend often, so if I were to approach me, I would try to look past the intimidation, and see the real person, talk to myself a few minutes and see what kind of person I was before I decided anything about myself. I don’t like to judge anyone before I fully know who they are, so I’d do the same for myself. Where would you take yourself out to on the first date?


Jenny: I would take myself to an amusement park with LOTS of Roller-coasters. I’m a total adrenaline Junky. Bad boys or sweet hearts?


Jenny: A mix of both cause too much of one side or the other and neither is good, its gotta be a balance. How long was your longest relationship compared to your shortest?


Jenny: My longest is my current relationship of 5 years. My shortest was 2 weeks. How does somebody so young keep a relationship that long? What’s the secret?


Jenny(Access): Very Carefully, and an intense bond also, he gives me complete freedom, never holds me back, and he always supports. Where do you think some of the biggest issues come from when it comes to a young relationship?


Jenny(Access): Well, Immaturity and inexperience in the main issue. We got doubted and doubted, but where there is ove and a will, there is a way. As much as people say young love is usually nothing, it can also turn out to be the strongest bond people can find. That’s deep…thanks for the interview beautiful.. One more question..Prince Vega is trying to decide rather to attend the B.E.T awards or the Ron Paul fest in Tampa, Florida, which one you think he should attend?


Jenny: Well, If I had my pick it would be Ron Paul, I live in Tampa, and Ron Paul is a genius. Why do you think so many people love Ron Paul message?

Jenny: Because he is the only politicians addressing EVERYONE’S issues and what is TRULY wrong with this country. He speaks to the rich, poor, middle class. He speaks from the heart, with truth, and a REAL thought out plan, unlike the main front runner who just campaign for money, money, money. What’s your thought on Rand Paul endorsing Mitt Romney?


Jenny: I hate it.


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