Ron Paul Shuts Down Paul Krugman And Educates Him On The Economy!


United Resistance: Ron Paul Exposes 9/11 Agenda! [Video By WalkerOfFaith]

Occupy Hartford, CT Protester Gets Arrested For Filming!

Prince Vega & Nick Walker Launches One Of The Biggest Truth Movements In The United States!: Predicted To Draw Thousands Of Activists To The United Resistance!

Prince Vega has teamed up with California activists Nick Walker(WalkerOfFaith) to form the United Resistance that is predicted to bring the fight to the globalist internationally in what is now being called one of the most active freedom movements world-wide that exposes corruption! Prince Vega’s popular role in this month of April alone has caught the attention of the New Black Panther Party, Original Black Panther Party, Alex Jones, Infowars, We Are Change and thousands Of gigantic alternative news sites & media outlets all over the world and so has Nick Walker! The new popular group already has dozens of Interviews and videos up exposing the elite!

United Resistance: Prince Vega Laughs @ CBS Radio’s Hot 93.7 For Promoting Hilary Clinton Partying!: Vows To Finally Destroy Their Reputation By Exposing Them!


“I Don’t Really Like Speaking On Hot 93.7 Anymore But Ask Any Of Their Listeners What The National Defenses Resources Preparedness Executive Order Is And I Bet Most Wouldn’t Know. The Reason Why Is Hot 93.7 Was Made Specifically For Manipulating The Center Of Consciousness By Psychological Programming Kids And They’ve Been Very Successful Doing So. It’s Ran By CBS and what’s CBS logo? An Egyptian Symbol That Symbolizing The Egyptian Eye Of Horus. It’s That Illuminati Stuff. You Can’t Tell These Kids What’s Really Happening In Their Life But You Can Promote A Woman Who Profited From Massive Drug Smuggling Operations Through Mena Partying It Up When Theirs Millions Of Dead Kids Across Seas Because Of What She Supports? Why Can’t You Tell Your Listeners About That? Their All Pathetic And Lucky I’ve Been Incredibly Busy But I’m Back Now. Everyone That Represents The Problem Going To Feel My Wrath.”

United Resistance: Prince Vega Exposes The GOP And Claims Mitt Romney Was Chosen To Lose To Barack Obama On Election Day!

United Resistance: Former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson of The Heartland Exposes The Government Agenda To Turn U.S. Armed Forces Against It’s Own Citizens!